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Well Read
A registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
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Wellness + Literacy

Voices in
Wellness +

Aficionados in making wellness exploration and civic/social literacy plain and relatable by
unlocking the power of pop culture for good.

What we do

Create pathways for the inclusion of diverse and marginalized voices to live more conscious lifestyles.

With a pension for elevating the exposure and education of those often misrepresented and even excluded in wellness and progressive lifestyle conversations, we are creative translators, conscious storytellers, and cause-driven experience curators.

Diverse Voices
Diverse Voices

We amplify voices of diverse authors, personalities, and book clubs.


Create social and civil awareness to lessen systemic oppression.

Wellness Curious
Wellness Curious

We service the conscious and wellness curious.

Improved Living
Improved Living

We are a gateway to enhanced and enlightened lifestyles


Inform and enhance
Lifestyles through
social and civil engagement.


We are the translator on matters of wellness
to the wellness curious.

Our Vision

#1 trusted and reliable resource
for creating informed and inclusive voices.

Wellness + Literacy

Promote and bolster wellness driven lifestyles via mediums that attract and incite interest amongst communities that are often underrepresented or excluded altogether.


To significantly decrease the high vulnerability due to a lack of literacy on social & civic subject matters. This systemic victimization directly affects the inhabitants of disenfranchised communities and their quality of life


We arm, empower, and
elevate communities

Great Team and Promising Future
“Well Read is a great idea! I can't wait to see where Angela Yee and the team take this organization.``
Alex Regelman

Co-founder, Colabrio

Organic Formation
``Well Read is co-founded by globally syndicated radio and media personality Angela Yee and respected business personality Tony Forte. Their shared interest and passions within both literacy and wellness uniquely allowed for the organic formation of a charitable organization that could serve as a gateway to enhanced and enlightened lifestyles for audiences influenced by and connected to popular culture.``
Stacey Rickson

Project Manager, Colabrio

Translators of Wellness
“Well Read is the gateway drug and translator on matters of wellness to the wellness-curious and wellness-neglected.”
Laura Morton

UI/UX Designer, Colabrio

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You don’t win the game from the sidelines, and you certainly don’t get your voice heard without being registered. The significance of voting can’t be overstated, however, ones concern about their vote mattering, their vote making a difference or even being counted, now that concern can totally be understood. We are here to help address your concerns and empower you, because it is your American right to vote.


Every vote matters. Unfortunately, systems and obstacles have been put in place to prevent every vote from counting or even being placed, this is called voter suppression. The very existence of voter suppression is a stain on the very fabric of our democracy, an unraveling of the faith of far too many eligible voters and quite plainly, racist in design. Disproportionally, voters of color are thwarted from having their voices heard, this ends now! We are maniacally focused on protecting the rights of every voter by creating fair and safe election practices. We don’t take “NO” for an answer here, we pledge to VOTE!

Your Vote Matters

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Pledge to Vote

Make a promise to yourself and community to vote by any means this fall.

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Check Your Registration

You can't vote if you're not registered. Start from scratch or update your existing registration.

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Make a Plan to Vote

Whether you're voting by mail early or at your polling place on Nov. 3. Find all of the details you need to turn out this fall.

Time left until election day:

Racial Disparity

Approximately 50% of African Americans suffer from a chronic disease compared to 39% of the general population.

Educating the Electorate

Educating the electorate is the #1 way to increase motivation to turn out so that election results people.

1/2 of all Americans

Nearly 1/2 of all Americans don’t expect to have enough money to retire comfortably

Enter your information to get access to everything you need to know about your voting status.


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